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When can I take my puppy home?

Our pups are fully weaned by the time they are 8 weeks.  They go for a full vet check, first vaccination and microchip implant and they are ready to home with you.

Are the pups free from inherited diseases?

We ensure that at least one of the parents is fully screened for inherited diseases such as PRA and that it cannot be passed to the pups.

Can I meet the mum and dad?

Absolutely, we use our own stud dogs and the dogs live in our home, therefore both parents are available to view.

Why do you recommend crate training?

Crate training is great for keeping your new puppy safe when he or she cannot be supervised.  There are lots of potentially hazardous things in your home that your pup may not have come across before, it’s a good way to protect the pup from chewing on that electrical cable or eating that poisonous plant when you are not looking.   Also, over excited children may not be able to leave the pup alone for it to get the sleep that it really needs at this age. It is not a cage to keep them in, but a safe environment that your pup can call their own.

How often will my puppy need grooming?

It’s a good idea to keep a brush to hand and brush your pup at every opportunity….they will love the attention.  About every 6-8 weeks your pup can be bathed and fully groomed, having their ears, eyes, teeth and feet checked and cleaned.  This will usually start with a puppy grooming session or two to get them used to being handled by a groomer.  Whether you decide to keep the full coat and just have a hygiene clip and feet trimmed is personal preference.  If the dog is brushed regularly there is no reason why it shouldn’t keep a full coat, but some people prefer the coat to be clipped short.  It is worth keeping in mind that after that first clip the coat will not grow back the same.

When does my puppy need vaccinations?

Vaccinations are usually done at 8 weeks and 12 weeks.  Then it is a further 10 days or so before the pup should be allowed to go outside in a public place.  They can go out in your enclosed garden before this time to get them housetrained.  It is a good idea to take them outside in your arms to get the, used to traffic noises and people but never be tempted to put them on the ground until they are fully protected.

Do Cockapoos need lots of exercise?

It is important that distance is built up very gradually when walking your pup.  They will tire very quickly with all that excitement.  They have very soft bones to start with so over doing the distance can cause damage.  10 minutes once or twice a day is enough to get you started.

How do I find puppy training?

Some training/socialisation classes will be advertised on the likes of Facebook, you can also search online.  If you cannot find anything then your vets is a good place to ask.

Are Cockapoos really hypoallergenic?

Cockapoos generally do not shed their coats or moult significantly.  They also produce very low dander which is the element that causes most allergy reactions.  I’m not sure an allergy expert would call them hypoallergenic, but there is significantly less chance of them causing a reaction. The lack of moulting is a definite bonus though and possibly one of the reasons they have become such a popular breed.

Do I need to clean my pups teeth?

It’s always good to keep the pups teeth in good condition and if you start it as a daily habit from very young, it’s going to be far better than trying to do it once a problem is discovered.  It’s good to spend some time each day grooming and bonding with your puppy.

When can I give my puppy treats?

We suggest that you start by using the pups dry kibble as a reward to start with as you don’t want to upset their delicate system. There are treats available to give your pup from 8 weeks onwards but always follow guidelines and don’t overdo it as getting overweight isn’t good for your pup.

More questions…?

This is just a small list of some of our FAQ’s but we are happy to answer any questions if you get in touch using the contact us page.  We stand by our pups and will support you every step of the way with your new Benbela puppy – we are only ever a phone call away.